Sunday, September 30, 2007

OC Dogs

Today mom and dad took me to the dogpark. I love going to the dogpark, but today was especially special. Mom had arranged for me to meet all the OC dogs. Well not all of them, but I guess a bunch of her friends have dogs and so we all met up at the dogpark.

Most of the dogs are very little. I'm way bigger than them. And tougher. I was almost the toughest dog there. Sadie was there. She's such a scaredy cat. Yeah I said cat. She totally is. She didn't want to play with any of the other dogs. Sadie, don't you know that's what you're supposed to do at the dog park? She liked having me around. I think its because I'm so tough.

Sophie wasn't much better. Okay maybe a little. She gave me a kiss. That's kind of a big deal. I think she thinks she's my girlfriend. I didn't have the heart to tell her she's one of many. I mean, she's a good kid. I didn't want to break her heart or anything.

Here's me

I also got to play with Football and Maganda. Football's big like me. He likes to run. He's really cool. What's especially cool though is how he sticks up for Maganda and she sticks up for him. See Maganda's really small. REALLY small. I was afraid I might step on her and squash her she's so small. But Football let me know that she's really tough too. Then she let me know. Football's daddy said we were like the police because we went to break up some fights. That's cool. I would like to be a police dog - they're tough.

There were lots of other dogs I met there too. But it was really hot and I got tired pretty easily. Especially cause I got to run and run and run like I love to do. It was such a fun day! I really like the OC Dogs!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Friends

Today didn't start out very fun. Mom and Dad were both home, which I always like, but they didn't take me anywhere. It was so boring just sitting around the house. I tried to help mom with the laundry, but every time I tried to eat one of those tasty sheets she cooks the clothes with, she would take it away! So I tried to help fold the clothes, but every time I put them in my mouth THEY got taken away too! Mom, I have to use my mouth because I don't have hands like you!

The night got much better. I knew it would be good when I got to go in the car. Usually that means a trip to the dogpark, or a trip to visit Aunt Bebe. This time I got to go meet Casey and Denny. Casey is big and he scared me a little with his barking, but pretty soon we were playing like old friends. He's pretty cool because he's big, but he doesn't hurt me when we play. And he always has a cool toy. Denny is the best though. I think he's my new best friend because he likes to play just as much as me. His mommy and my mommy kept separating us because they say we play too hard. But it wasn't too hard. They're just scaredy girls. We ran and ran and ran. I've never had so much fun ever! I almost didn't want to leave. But I was tired. So tired I fell asleep on the way home. It was a good day!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hi! I'm Ringo. I don't know much about blogs, but everyone was telling me I simply must start one to share my adventures with the world. I have a lot of adventures. For instance, just last week I was sitting in my cell, so sad and lonely when these two people came in. They kept playing with the dog in the cell next to me. She was sooooo noisy. I kept wishing she would shut up and the people would pay attention to me. I sat sooooo quitely and waited. It worked! Pretty soon they were petting me and letting me lick their fingers. Fingers taste soooo good. I made all my cutest faces and guess what! They said they wanted to take me home with them! Asta la vista cell! They told me they were my mommy and daddy. I was a little scared. But then they took me to a store with more toys and smells than I had ever experienced before! And soft things to lie on. I lied on one and my new daddy said I could take it home with me! It was quite the adventure.

I love my mommy and daddy soooo much! My mommy is silly. She loves to sing songs about me and dance around the kitchen with me. She plays chasey chasey with me both inside and outside. She even makes me "ice cream" which is my favorite thing to eat ever. My daddy isn't silly, but he takes me to so many fun places. We have "boy time" every night and go places like the dog park and the beach. The only problem with my daddy is that I don't think he knows my name very well. He never calls me Ringo. He always calls me No, Off, or Down. Maybe he's sillier than he looks.

I have lots of friends. My bestest friend in the whole world is my crazy Aunt Bebe. I stayed at her house for a week and she is so much fun! She always wants to play and run around. She's a lot stronger than me though, so I have to be twice as fast. My favorite is to play with her under the bed cause then she can't get at me. I also have a friend named Sadie. She's smaller than me, but she's still cool. One day I hope I can play with her without a leash on. Then I'll really show her who's boss. My other friend is Sophie, but she doesn't really like me that much. She's kinda snobby and always wants to play with my mommy and daddy and not me. Ha ha Sophie I'm the one who gets to go home with them.

My favorite time of the day is the very end when Mommy, Daddy, and I all get on their big bed. I get so many kisses and cuddles and then we all go to sleep. It makes me so happy to have them so close to me.